Continent.jpgHere are some of the chronicles of the heroes of Rin. Destined for great things, these heroes succumbed to evil. 30 years of trauma and murder weighed too heavy on them. After Ju’alis was killed by Devils in the service of Bleys and Bleys’ family slaughtered by Arondil and Pantheris the fellowship was irrevocably broken. Bleys succumbed to madness, Calibash retreated to the tower, and Arondil and Pantheris went off to destroy the world.

Arondil, the sword of Oblivion, lead a war ostensibly against the demon King. The death and destruction not only destroyed millions of innocents and turned his homeland into a living hell, he aided the Demon King’s plans, securing the demon King a place on the celestial throne to usher in a new age.. the age of the Evil Gods.

Rael - The Heroes of Rin

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